23 September 2016

Pasta with tomatoes, capers, bacon and mint / Massa com tomates, alcaparras, bacon e menta.

I use to say that I have an italian "rib" as I'm totally nuts about italian food.

Actually, and that's something I'm saying all the time too and it's true, if I had to choose only one kind of cuisine to live on for the rest of my life, it would be the itaian cuisine without a blink.

This pasta dish is so simple but yet so delightful and simple, and it's precisely that amazing simplicity without compromising on flavour, that attracts me the most in italian food.

The combination of flavours is one of my favourites. It's easy and quick to prepare, very comforting and delicious.

The recipe is from Katie Quinn Davies gorgeous book, What Katie Ate at the Weekend.

20 September 2016

Baked Muscovado and Hazelnut Cheesecake with Blackberries for the Sweet World / Cheesecake (no forno) de Açúcar Mascavado e Avelãs, com Compota rápida de Amoras para o Sweet World.

20th of September and it's time for another Sweet World Challenge and this month, we decided to invite you to bake a Cheesecake.
Yes, it has to be baked!

Cheesecake is a dessert that has stood the test of time.
From its earliest recorded beginnings on Samos over 4,000 years ago to its current iconic status around the world, this creamy dessert remains a favourite for sweet teeth of all ages.
The first cheesecake was probably produced on the Greek island of Samos. Back then, this delicious dessert was believed to be a powerful source of energy. Even during the first Olympic Games in Greece, in 776 BC, cheesecakes were served to the athletes. Wedding couples were also served and cherished with this amazing dessert.
The New Yorkers fell in love with cheesecakes back in the 1900s. The credit for the creation of the NY cheesecake is bestowed upon Arnold Reuben (1883-1970). Even though he is best known for his signature sandwiches, Arnold Reuben is generally credited for creating the New York Style cheesecake. Reuben was born in Germany and he went to America when he was young.
The NY styled cheesecake was actually an experiment that Reuben did with a cheese pie. He was invited to a party where he was served with a cheese pie, and he was so dodged by the dish, that he started experimenting with it and came up with what we know today, as the NY Cheesecake.
The Classic New York style cheesecake is served with just the cake - no fruit, chocolate or caramel is served on the top or on the side. This famously smooth-tasting cake gets its signature flavour from extra egg yolks in the cream cheese cake mix.
Saying that, New York is not the only place in America that puts its own spin on cheesecakes.
In Chicago, sour cream is added to the recipe to keep it creamy.
Philadelphia cheesecake is known for being lighter and creamier than New York style cheesecake and it can be served with fruit or chocolate toppings.
In St. Louis, they enjoy a gooey butter cake, which has an additional layer of cake topping on the cheesecake filling. 
Each region of the world also has its own take on the best way to make the dessert. Italians use ricotta cheese, while the Greeks use mizithra or feta. Germans prefer cottage cheese, while the Japanese use a combination of cornflour and egg whites. There are specialty cheesecakes that include blue cheese, seafood, spicy chilies and even tofu!
Despite of all the variations, the popular dessert’s main ingredients - cheese, wheat and a sweetener - remain the same so, if you're interested, choose the kind of cheesecake you want to make and BAKE IT!

14 September 2016

Churros with Chocolate sauce / Churros com molho de chocolate.

I hate frying or deep frying stuff. Not just because health wise is not very appropriate, but also because I'm very bad at frying stuff. It's like, deep fryers and me, we're not a good match. I burn myself, I spatter oil everywhere... a mess!!

Saying that, one day it's not a lifetime and there's stuff that you have to deep fry or else, it's not the same and not worth being made...

That's what happened the day my kids wanted churros and I made them churros.

Of course - mess apart - I had to fry them and I think I did a pretty good job and they turned out very yummy.

Samantha Linsell is the author of the beautiful blog Drizzle & Dip and this recipe is from her gorgeous "Sweet" book from which, I already made these fabulous Spicy salted caramel popcorns.

12 September 2016

Trifle Cheesecake.

The last recipe of the Summer, just before the new season, the "fall" and the Autumn colours.

When I made this cheesecake, I made it for the Sweet World challenge but, then I saw this one and I thought that, for the challenge, it would be more innovative, different and "close" to the traditional layers of the classic trifle.

Saying that, this cheesecake was so good and refreshing that I have to share the recipe with you all anyway.

It's just a different and beautiful way of enjoying a trifle and a cheesecake, all at the same time. Two dessert classics transformed into a super delicious one.

9 September 2016

Spinach soup with flowers / Sopa de espinafres com flores.

This fabulous and delicious soup is very easy to make and a real showstopper when it hits the table.

The recipe was adapted from the "Nettle soup with flowers" which is one of the magnificent soups from Nicole Pisani and Kate Adams, "Magic Soup"book". A book that you all know I very much adore and from which you can find the recipes I already tested under the labels "Soups" and/or "Magic Soup book".

7 September 2016

Confit Garlic and Caramelised Onion no knead Bread / Pão "sem amassar", com Alho Confitado e Cebola Caramelizada.

Donna Hay magazine - Collector's Edition - 15th Birthday is out and it's full of fabulous suggestions. The only thing I can promise you, is that you'll see lots of suggestion from it.
Choices are endless and amazing and doubts are only about what to try first and my choice, as I'm a bread lover, was this fabulous bread.
The combination of flavours is stunning and as I only made 1/2 of the recipe that I'm leaving you, I regret I didn't make the whole thing so, be warned, don't be tempted to make the same mistake I did.

5 September 2016

Glam Trifle Slice / Trifle do Século XXI.

Trifle is the theme for this month's Sweet World.
  • A Trifle is an English dessert typically consisting of plain or sponge cake soaked in sherry, rum, or brandy and topped with layers of jam, custard, and whipped cream. The top is traditionally decorated with angelica (a plant stem crystallized with sugar) and glace cherries, but fresh fruit or sprinkles are the modern options. Trifle is usually served in a large glass bowl so that the layers of cake, jam or jelly, custard and cream can be appreciated. 
  • After some research, the information I gathered was very inconclusive regarding to which is the real and most traditional version. 
  • The earliest use of the name Trifle was in a recipe for a thick cream flavoured with sugar, ginger and rosewater, in Thomas Dawson's 1585 book of English cookery "The Good Huswifes Jewell". 
  • Since then, Trifle evolved from a similar dessert known as a fool and many variations and versions can be found nowadays. 
  • Opinions vary greatly on what to add after the basics. Controversies revolve around whether to use gelatine and whether to use fruit and if so, should it be canned or fresh but, as Mr. Norfolk said, "Trifle is in the eye of the beholder, what you like, you put in". 
  • Some people see the addition of jelly as a modern variation, but Hannah Glasse (1708 - 1770) published a Trifle recipe in 1747 that used fruit jelly, and the poet Oliver Wendell Holmes in 1861 wrote about Trifles with jelly in them. 
  • The alcohol is another issue for the trifle connoisseur. Fairly sweet sherry is traditional, but variations include brandy, madeira, port, Frontignan and Malaga wines. Factors other than trifle preparation can influence the choice of liquor, as same people uses the same alchool that they'll be drinking after or with it. 
The Triffle I'm presenting you is an updated version. Cake, jelly, raspberry, custard and cream, are built in layers in order to be presented as a terrine instead of being presented inside the traditional glass bowl.
It's not neat, it's not perfect, but it's very delicious indeed and, saying that, here is my Triffle for the 8th edition of the Sweet World!! 

31 August 2016


Salmorejo is a Spanish dish from the region of Cordoba.
Similar to Gazpacho but thicker, It is served as a starter or first meal and must be chilled before eating.
It's accompanied with "las guarniciones" and, although the most common garnishes are serrano ham and crumbled hard boiled egg, there are some versions that are served with flaked tuna, chopped onion and/or chopped green pepper.
I confess that I made and tasted my first Salmorejo last week and now I'm almost addicted to it.
I made it twice, in less than two weeks and this second time, I made it with organic tomatoes that I picked from my friend B. garden and green house. Here, on my instagram account, you can see all the lovely organic vegetables that I picked from his garden this week.
This recipe is from our beloved Portuguese "pin up girl", Filipa Gomes and it's featured in a series of 6 recipe booklets that Filipa wrote, Maria Midões styled and photographed and that were recently distributed in Portugal with a well known and popular magazine.
Kind and gentle as she is, I have the booklets because Filipa sent them to me, which of course, was an honour.
While I was making the Salmorejo and being the tomato the main ingredient of this soup, I thought that it would be a shame not to make an effort to publish the recipe in time for Marta and her "ingredient of the month", which is precisely, the tomato.
Saying that, here it is the most delicious, easy and quick, chilled tomato soup... The Salmorejo!

29 August 2016

Bacon & Egg Pie / Pie de bacon e ovo.

Having been in holidays without going anywhere, I'm slowly coming back to the blog. 
As August is almost finishing, I couldn't allow it to end without posting a recipe for Marta
Since the day Marta created her "ingredient of the month" and challenged us to cook recipes with her chosen ingredient, that I always cook something for Marta's table and this month, it couldn't be different. 
The ingredient chosen by Marta for August is tomatoes and therefore, this pie, is the recipe that I'm leaving her. 
I have to say that this pie is one of the best pies I've ever eaten, if not the best!! 
Bare in mind that the tomatoes are not the key ingredient in the pie but, saying that, without them, this pie wouldn't be half as good. 
The recipe is from Simmone Logue "In the Kitchen" book and if you search for "Simmone Logue" on the blog, you'll find all the recipes that I've already made from this glorious book.

25 August 2016

Sweet World 7th edition - Summer Pudding - Round Up / Round Up da 7ª edição do Sweet World - Summer Pudding.

Here is the round up for the 7th challenge of our Sweet World!!

As you can read here the challenge was to make a British Summer Pudding.

Thank you to everyone that took time to participate.

Meanwhile, the theme for the 8h edition of the Sweet World, is already introduced on Susana's blog.


Para a 7ª edição do nosso Sweet World, o desafio era recriar o britânico Summer Pudding.
Como podem constatar pelo desfile que se segue, o empenho dos participantes foi fantástico e os Summer Puddings apresentados são lindos e de dar água na boca.

Muito obrigada a todos e não se esqueçam de ver no Basta Cheio, o tema para a 8ª edição do Sweet World.

Summer Pudding - Round Up

3 August 2016

Summer Pudding Cake.

After making, for the first time ever, this Summer Pudding for the Sweet World challenge, an instagram friend sent me the picture of this Summer Pudding Cake, that is featured in this month's Good Housekeeping magazine.
Of course, after I've finally tasted my first Summer Pudding and loved it, I bought the magazine and couldn't resist this version.
The idea of transforming it into a cake sounded fabulous and although the version featured in the magazine is round shaped, I decided to recreate it in a square shape.
It is as easy to make as the original one and very pretty and delicious all the same.
This recipe is not suitable for kids, as it has Crème de Cassis mixed with the fruit juices but you can leave it out of course.
Last year I made homemade Crème de Cassis with the blackcurrants I picked from my friend B. garden and that's the one I used in this recipe and it is so delicious.
I really need to post the recipe for homemade Créme de Cassis here on the blog ASAP...
Meanwhile, the blog and myself, we're going to be in holidays for the next month.
I'll interrupt the holidays just to post the Sweet World round up on the 25th of August but that will be it until de 2nd or 3rd of September.
Until then, Happy Cooking and be as Happy as Summer Bees!

1 August 2016

My Vegetarian stuffed Focaccia / A minha Focaccia Vegetariana recheada.

I make this stuffed focaccia very often and it is so delicious that, this time I took the time to share the recipe with you all.
It is a meal on itself and perfect for picnics, lazy summer lunches or even to eat while you're at the beach.
The filling combinations are endless and although I always make this vegetarian combination, you can use cured meats combined with grilled or roasted veggies or whatever you fancy. The filling quantities are also variable. You can use as much or as less filling as you want.