26 March 2017

The Violet Bakery Lemon Drizzle Loaf / Bolo Drizzle de Limão da Violet Bakery.

For Marta and her "ingredient of the month" which is the lemon, I couldn't not make my favourite cake. The Lemon Drizzle!
There's another recipe for a Lemon drizzle cake here on the blog. A Raymond Blanc recipe which for me was the best until now. Until now because after trying this Violet's one, I changed my mind.
This cake is moist, delicious, lemony and everything you want a lemon drizzle cake to be so, you better try it because you'll fall in love with it!
The recipe is from Claire Ptak, The Violet Bakery Cookbook. A stunning book that I truly adore and if you ever have the opportunity, don't miss a visit to her beautiful Cake Shop and Café in Hackney, east London. I went there last October and had the best Coconut layer cake ever and you can trust me because I love my coconut cake so, I'm very demanding on that matter...

25 March 2017

Sweet World - 14th edition and the Battenberg Cake Round Up / Battenberg - Round Up da 14ª edição do nosso Sweet World.

As you can read here, the theme for the 14th Sweet World challenge was to make a Battenberg Cake.
As always, we couldn't be more spoiled and surprised with the participations and the results are absolutely gorgeous as you can see below!
Thank you so, so much to all of you and to all the gorgeous Battenberg Cakes you created!!

Como podem ler neste post, o tema da 14ª edição do Sweet World, desafiáva-vos a criar um bolo Battenberg!!
Como sempre, o empenho e dedicação dos nossos participantes foi surpreendente e como tal, só nos resta, em meu nome e em nome da Susana, agradecer a todos os que se dedicaram a mais esta linda edição.
Muito Obrigada!!!
Antes de verem o desfile dos lindos Battenberg, não se esqueçam de conferir, no blogue da Susana, o tema para a 15ª edição deste desafio de um mundo que se quer muito e cada vez mais doce, o Sweet World!!

23 March 2017

Vitnamese Ginger Chicken / Frango Vietnamina com Gengibre.

A delicious chicken meal from Melissa Clark new book "Dinner". A book full of different and delicious suggestions. No bread, baking or sweet treats included. Just savoury delicious dinner (or lunch), suggestions. Another great book that I'm very pleased with and that goes directly to my category of the "well spent money" books!
I truly love Asian flavours and combinations and this meal was very tasteful. The chicken, grilled, full of flavour, tender and moist, was a real delight to eat.

21 March 2017

Jerusalem artichoke and Chestnut Soup with Chorizo and Apple / Sopa de Girassol batateiro e Castanhas, com Chouriço e Maçã.

When you think you add all the possible Jerusalem artichoke soup combinations that can be, and that this kind of soup can't be improved anymore, here comes another fabulous combination that leaves you on your knees. Yes!! and I promise, I'm not exagerating.
Just check under the "soup" label here on the blog and you'll see how many Jerusalem artichoke soups I made already! Not just one, two or three but more than that and all of them, absolutely delicious!
As I had a bag of Jerusalem artichokes in the fridge, as soon as I saw this recipe in one of Chef Maria Elia books, the "Full of Flavour" book, of course, I couldn't hold myself but use them artichokes in this recipe.
No words!!! A true delight and that's another reason why I love this ingredient so much. Absolutely divine!

20 March 2017

Yvette van Boven Cannelés / Os cannelés da Yvette van Boven.

Canelés, Cannelés!
It can be writen or said either way but what matters it's how delicious they are, these pretty morsels of goodness!
Originally from Bordeaux in the South of France, these little cakes are a little delight and nothing else than baked custard.
Usually, they are baked in thick walled copper molds in a hot oven, the crust is dark brown but not burned and the inside is soft barely set. The filling is creamy and usually the batter calls for rum as one of the main ingredients.
You know me and my love for cannelés right? I'm totally unable to flick trough a book and read a recipe for cannelés and not make them as soon as I have an opportunity.
Here on the blog, you can find three recipes for cannelés.
This one, from Mimi Thorisson first book "A Kitchen in France", the first cannelés recipe I ever made, after buying my beautiful copper molds at E. Dehillerin, when I visited Paris for the second time in my life.
As I wrote here, the book chosen for this month's Rainydaybites Cook Book Club is the Yvette van Boven "Home Baked" cook book and guess what I found while flicking through it? Yes!! This recipe for cannelés..., and of course!!! Couldn't resist it!
Although the usual liqueur used is rum, this time I used coffee liqueur and they turned out so beautifully delicious that I had to share them with you.

16 March 2017

Jerusalem artichoke Blinis topped with blue cheese / Blinis de Girassol batateiro com queijo azul.

You know I'm a huge Jerusalem artichoke lover. If you look up at the "Jerusalem artichoke" label here on the blog, you'll find loads of recipes with this amazing ingredient.
Every year, as soon as they are in season and I find them, I can't resist buying a whole lot of them.
This recipe, featured in the absolutely gorgeous book "The Modern Vegetarian", from the very well known Chef Maria Elia, is a true stunner!!
Just try to make it and serve it as a starter at a dinner party and your guests will love you forever!!
Honestly, although it looks very posh and labour intense, it's so, so easy to make that the smiles on your guests faces will be the best reward you'll get for such little work.
You can make the blinis in advance and gently reheat them in the oven before serving. As for the cheese, if you don't like blue cheese, you can use other kind of cheese, like pecorino, goat's cheese, manchego or other cheese you like.
If you don't like Jerusalem artichokes, you can use parsnips or none, if you don't like either of them, and use just potatoes.

14 March 2017

Raspberry and Thyme Pie / Pie de Framboesas e Tomilho.

Another recipe for this month's Rainydaybites Cook Book Club from which I told you about in this post.
Apart from all the food we want to cook from the chosen book, Deborah asks us (if we want, of course), to post, each month, two specific recipes on specific days, and because today is #PiDay (the math formula 3.14... etc., celebration), but people usually celebrates it with pie, making it a #PieDay, that's the day Deborah chose to publish this Pie.
A fabulous Pie with fresh berries, combined with an amazing thyme flavour that was a big hit here at home and totally my kind of recipe because..., You know how much I love berries right? and so you also know, the pastry itself is to die for!!! Melt in the mouth almondy, buttery, crumbly, delicious pastry!!
The original recipe calls for fresh strawberries but, I didn't like the look of the only strawberries I could find so, I decided for raspberries instead but, saying that, fell free to use any berry you like.
As I also told you here, this month's chosen book is the amazing Home Baked by Yvette van Boven and therefore, here is it, another contribution for this amazing Cook Book Club.

12 March 2017

Melted Cheese Pizza / Pizza com Queijo derretido.

Another recipe for the super fantastic Deborah - Rainydaybites Cook Book Club.
A recipe from the book of the month, which is the fabulous Yvette van Boven "Home Baked" book (I told you about it in this post).
This time it's a savoury recipe. Pizza!
Who doesn't like pizza? I don't know anyone that don't like it!
Although this pizza is slightly different from the conventional pizza, it is, in all ways, as good as..., I mean...

10 March 2017

Lemon Butter Cookies / Cookies de Limão e Manteiga.

This month and for Our Great Bake Off, Ana challenged us to make decorated biscuits. 
As I wrote here, I'm veryyyyyy bad decorating biscuits but, of course, I had to give it another try and I think these are acceptable. The decoration might not be great or hugely sophisticated but the flavour is delicious though!! 
Although I don't like to mix challenges, these biscuits are so good that I also invite Marta to take and present them at her March table and her "ingredient of the month", which is, the lemon
The recipe is from Annie Rigg "The Great British Bake Off - Bake it Better - Biscuits" book. 
Hope both of you, Ana and Marta, like them!

Note: The suggested decoration is the original and the one described in the recipe.
For obvious reasons (meaning, lack of artistic skills), I didn't follow it and went, let's say...,"free style"!

8 March 2017

Millionaire's Shortbread with Salty Caramel & Coconut / Millionaire's Shortbread com Caramelo Salgado e Coco.

The first recipe from a book that I have from ages and from which I never made any recipe until now.
Last week I found a cook book club on Instagram that caught my attention straightaway.
Deborah Balint chooses a book every month and challenges us to cook from that book.
Of course, I think it's a brilliant idea and of course, I embraced it straightaway, because it will oblige me to use and cook from books that I have and are forgotten.
This month, the chosen book is "Home Baked" by Yvette van Boven. A book that I have for ages and from which I never made a thing until now so, thank you for reminded me of this book Deborah.
The book is a beauty and full of sweet and savoury home baked treats and this is the first recipe that I chose, because I knew it would go down a storm with my husband and kids and, indeed, it went down a storm!!
You'll see lots of Yvette's recipes this month on the blog, as, hopefully, I'll be baking from it a lot!

5 March 2017

Kale and Quinoa with Savoury Granola / Kale e Quinoa com Granola Salgada.

Breakfast food that you know, for me is a perfect lunch!
As I promised here, today I'm sharing this super delicious savoury granola.
Actually, I made this recipe a while ago and if you're following my instagram, you can see it here, as I shared it the day I made it. Although I'm only sharing it today, this was the very first recipe that I made from Nina Olsson gorgeous "Bowls of Goodness" cook book. A book that I truly adore and from which I talked about in this same post.
This savoury granola is perfect, not just for this recipe but also to sprinkle over salads, soups, or whatever you fancy.

3 March 2017

Chicken with Marsala, Olives and Blood Oranges / Frango com Marsala, Azeitonas e Laranjas Sanguíneas.

Chicken and blood oranges, a fabulous combination of flavours and ingredients that works heavenly and I know (and told you) it works and it is absolutely delicious because of this Eva Flores recipe that I published a few weeks ago.
Today's suggestion is from Diana Henry "A Bird in the Hand" book.
I love Diana Henry books and this one is all about chicken recipes and all of them incredibly interesting and super appetizing.
Last here I posted the very delicious recipe of Chicken with Morcilla and Sherry that was absolutely to die for and although I made this blood orange recipe last year too, I didn't have the opportunity to take pictures of it so, now that the blood oranges are in season again, I had to make it again and post the recipe here because it's so, so delicious!!
Give it a try and you'll be impressed with such a clever combination and even if you can't find blood oranges, try it with regular Navel oranges because I'm sure, it will be as good.